United Kingdom Tourist Visa
• No visa is required for a stay up to six months
• U.S. Passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay
• Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel
• No vaccination is required

Requirements for Non-U.S. Citizens to Obtain Tourist Visa to Enter UK

All UK Visa applicants should initially complete the Online UK Visa application form and pay the visa fees online, then print and sign the application. While filling the online UK visa application, applicants will be advised of their closest Biometrics Center to visit and have their fingerprint taken. The applicant will be given a receipt upon completion of the Biometrics process. Subsequently, they should send the completed and signed Visa application form, the Biometrics receipt, along with the following documents to Ambassador Passport and Visa Services:

• Submit your valid passport, passport must have 6 months
remaining validity
• 1 Fully Completed Visa Application Form
Click Here For the Online UK Visa Application Form
• 1 Passport photograph
• Evidence of legal residence in U.S.A. ie: valid multiple
entry visa with original I-94 attached, original alien registration card / Green Card, original I-512 Advance Parole Document, Valid I-20 (must be signed on reverse by designated school official)
• Copy of return/onward airline tickets or itinerary.
• Hotel Confirmation or letter from your host / sponsor in the UK. The letter from your host or sponsor must state he / she will support you during your visit, and give evidence of funds to do so (i.e. bank statement). Host or sponsor must provide proof of immigration status in the UK (e.g. British Passport, Work Permit, Student Visa).
• Evidence of funds available for your visit. Recent bank statement (within last 30 days) or signed travelers checks only. No cash or credit cards.
• Employement Letter. Include length of employment, salary, and vacation dates.
• Completed Ambassador Passport and Visa Cover Letter
Click Here To Download the Ambassador Passport and Visa Cover Letter

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